Cleaning Out The Bookshelf

IMG_0792We are lucky to have awesome wooden shelves in our apartment that we purchased from the last tenant. They are made from really beautiful wood and frame our (nonworking) fireplace and TV. They hold all of our books, treasures, and photographs. I’ve been in the market for a new book after reading Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. Lately I’ve shelled out a lot at the bookstore.  In the interest of saving money, I’m picking up books on the shelf that I haven’t read. We all know what happens. You buy a ton of books and one goes by the wayside, pushed down on the “To Read” pile by other newer, more exciting books. Or your friend swaps you a few books. You’re excited to read what they’ve given you, but somehow you never pick them up. Or, and I’m guilty of this, you start a book and lose interest. Its sad fate seems to be it will never be read!

Now’s the time for a bookshelf cleaning: Read books you already have and never finished or never got around to. Keep Reading…


FRENCH COAST by Anita Hughes

french coast

Courtesy of St. Martin’s Griffin

I have been reading a lot but not making the time to sit down and write.  But after flying through this delicious read by Anita Hughes, I felt like I had to share the warmth, class, and love found in French Coast.  I would love for my next big trip to be to the Cote d’Azur and this book transported me to Cannes. When I started this blog, I wanted to provide recommendations for different types of readers like The Ambitious Reader, The Happy-Go-Lucky Reader, and The Escape Artist.  This book delivers for both The Happy-Go-Lucky Reader and The Escape Artist.  Besides the sexy love scenes, designer duds, and pristine locale, French Coast also tells intricate stories of the resiliency of love and their surprising intersections.


Five Reasons to Read:

  1.  Anita Hughes knows the way to a girls’ heart–Vogue, Givenchy, and Moet & Chandon.  When Vogue features editor Serena Woods goes to Cannes to interview former French Vogue editor Yvette Renault you’re in for all things fashion and French.
  2. Serena is surrounded by beauty while things keep falling apart for her, but she is always looking out for her new friend Zoe, daughter of an Australian fashion magnate, and putting others first.
  3. As Serena interviews Yvette, we’re propelled back into the sixties when Yvette was a young mother in an unhappy marriage.  Her story is told with gritting honesty and poise.
  4. If you like a sexy beach read, you can’t go wrong with this book. But it has enough intrigue to keep you from getting bored.
  5. When the prose gets repetitive, Hughes digs deeper and provides more drama, more decisions for Serena, and more secrets are revealed.

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