a dark and twisted tide

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One of the best things about mysteries, in my opinion, is how they immerse you in the thick of a plot and pull you along.  All the details come together to reveal the stark reality, however gruesome it may be.  Sharon Bolton’s novel A Dark and Twisted Tide follows Lacey Flint, former London detective who rejoins the police force on the marine unit.  She is living in a boat on the river Thames and swimming in the river every morning, a dangerous and thrilling pastime.  The river is a powerful force and when Lacey finds a body in the water the question becomes: Was it purely a coincidence that a body comes floating towards Lacey or did someone want Lacey to find the decomposing body?


5 Reasons to Read:

  1. Lacey is a classic loner  with few friends, but people are drawn to her–even killers–and you will be too.
  2. The Thames is a charismatic and deadly character in this Lacey Flint installment–its dark waters are the perfect backdrop.
  3. Although all written in the third person, Bolton tells the story from the perspective of Lacey, Detective Inspector Dana Tulloch, and other more mysterious points of view like The Killer, The Swimmer, and Nadia and Pari, two women far from home. This allows for Bolton to reveal a wide range of details and events in a complex, but systematic way.
  4. Bolton’s prose is at times unhurried and expressive, at other times swift and vigorous, much like the tides.  Either way, you’ll be swept away by her writing.
  5. This is a book to savor and reread–even once the murderer is revealed you’ll want to go back and unravel the intricacies of the story.

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ONE STEP TOO FAR by Tina Seskis

one step too far

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Have you been searching for a story that is unsettling yet too gripping to put down since Gone Girl? Us too. Tina Seskis’ debut, originally published independently as an e-book in the UK, is what you’re looking for.

5 reasons to read:

1. Emily abandons her life in Manchester, England in the face of a horrific secret and becomes Cat, a London ad exec with a penchant for cocaine, champagne, and shop-lifting–Hello, London!
2.  Sounds melodramatic, you say? Seskis is skilled at rooting the story in the very real struggles of family life, jealousy, betrayal, and grief with characters to support a drama-filled plot.
3. Seskis delves into the lives of Emily/Cat, her twin sister Caroline, her parents Frances and Andrew, and Ben, the brokenhearted husband Emily leaves behind–recounting pivotal moments that propel the story.
4. We won’t give it away, but there is a heart-wrenching twist even we predicted wrong (and that’s saying a lot).
5. Seskis’ ability to zoom in on details and properly pull back when needed comes through to bring together a wonderfully unnerving story.

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