Cover photo courtesy Sunrise River Press

Cover photo courtesy Sunrise River Press

With the start of a new year it is easy to get bogged down with unrealistic fitness and diet resolutions. Holli Thompson encourages seasonal and local eating that is unique to your health and lifestyle needs. Her educational and inventive book provides all the tools you need to listen to your body and feed it the healthy, plant-based diet it deserves.




5 reasons to read:
1. Thompson, a former fashion exec, ditched the unhealthy and inflammatory foods and transformed her life–she is a success story herself.
2. This book answers all your health questions: What does it mean to do a cleanse? What foods should be avoided? How can I eat seasonally? What is a chia seed? The health newbie and expert alike will learn a lot from Thompson’s well-researched book.
3. With glossy pictures and a colorful design, this book is pretty enough to be a coffee table book, plus you’ll want to refer to it often so it won’t stay on the shelf for long.
4. The abundance of tables takes the guessing out of your nutritional style, seasonal eating, foods to avoid, foods to embrace, and food shopping.
5. Real-life case studies will help you apply Thompson’s advice to your own experience in a way that isn’t overwhelming.
The Long View:
Thompson describes her own experience–from falling in love, quitting her job, moving from the city to the country, and becoming a mom–and the subsequent health issues she faced.  Doctors suggested medicines and tests, but never asked her to consider what she was eating.  Thompson, a former VP at Chanel, equates your diet with your style, it should evolve with you and work for any occasion or time in your life–like the perfect LBD.  A quiz will help you determine if you are a Healthy Omnivore, a Flexible Vegetarian, or a Modern Vegan.  Thompson advocates adapting your Nutritional Style to the seasons or your health needs by tuning into your body, adding in the good, and ditching the bad boys.  Things to avoid are categorized as “The Bad Boys” like gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar and “The Serial Killers” like GMOs, mystery foods, and artificial sweeteners. The “Bad Boys” can be consumed in moderation but are often a source of inflammation and intolerance for many people. Thompson goes on to explain how cleansing can detoxify and reset our bodies. But it’s not all about green juices and feeling hungry in favor of losing the bloat–Thompson calls for a prep week to ease into the cleanse and a cleanse that fits your Nutritional Style while avoiding inflammatory foods. Even during a cleanse you will eat real food, but enjoying some liquid nutrition in the form of a smoothie or juice will provide you with sustainable energy and diminish cravings.  Chapters 6 through 9 explain how to eat for the season, introduce fresh and local superfoods into your diet, and listen to your body’s needs.  Whether it is exfoliating your skin in the spring, eating raw foods in the summer, adding warming foods in the fall, or sleeping more in the winter, Thompson shows how overall health can be found by adapting your diet and lifestyle to the season. On the whole, this book avoids extreme ideas and as Thompson says “it’s about discovering your own best way of eating, living, and feeling great.”

The deets: 
Sunrise River Press
214 pages
Order Discover Your Nutritional Style: Your Seasonal Plan to a Healthy, Happy and Delicious Life



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