Fall Reads: The Happy-go-lucky Reader

Although you may not be heading back to school this fall, it doesn’t mean you can’t hit the books. But figuring out what to read can be easier said than done. So what kind of reader are you? An escape artist, looking to leave the city behind every chance you get? Are you happy-go-lucky and looking for a fun, easy read? Or are you an ambitious go-getter in work, life, love, and reading? Fall is the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and get back to the books!

The Happy-go-lucky Reader

Who you are: You are all about having fun and enjoying life.  Whether it is enjoying a pumpkin beer, taking a stroll through Central Park, or reading for enjoyment. An enjoyable read can be many things: a steamy escape from the dismal dating scene in NYC or a jaunt into the world of Chandon and Chanel.  Better yet, a book should remind you, life’s not so bad.

Our rec: Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham

5 reasons to read:
1. Fast-talking Lauren Graham played the mom you always wanted—Lorelai Gilmore.
2. Aspiring _________ looking to make it in NYC—aren’t we all?
3. Scrunchies, Doc Martins, answering machines? 1995 was awesome.
4. Franny’s filofax will remind you of your Google calendar. Run 2 miles? Maybe tomorrow. Dinner? Cheese puffs sound good.
5. Did we mention Lauren Graham? But seriously, her quick wit and self-deprecating humor comes across on the page and keeps you laughing.

The Long View: “Gilmore Girls” or “Parenthood” fans will know Lauren Graham as a quirky fast-talking brunette.  Readers won’t be disappointed by Franny Banks, with her quick-wit and untamed brown curls. It is 1995 and Franny is living in Brooklyn and trying to make it as an actor. A waitress in a comedy club by night, Franny spends her days auditioning.  The book follows Franny through bad relationships, bad commercial auditions, agents, roommates, and her small and large embarrassments in acting class.  Time is ticking on her self-imposed deadline of “making it” within 3 years of moving to the big city.  Pages from Franny’s filofax are endearing and uncomfortably familiar for any single girl living in NYC (Haven’t we all eaten Cheese puffs for dinner?). Where some books about rising stardom and “making it” fall flat, Graham has the right balance of charm, hilarity, and even a little romance to warm any New Yorker’s heart.

The deets: 
358 pages
April 2013
Order Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel


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