Fall Reads: The Ambitious Reader

Although you may not be heading back to school this fall, it doesn’t mean you can’t hit the books. But figuring out what to read can be easier said than done. So what kind of reader are you? An escape artist, looking to leave the city behind every chance you get? Are you happy-go-lucky and looking for a fun, easy read? Or are you an ambitious go-getter in work, life, love, and reading? Fall is the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and get back to the books!

The Ambitious Reader

Who you are: You do it all, all day long. So why would reading be any different? Free time means tackling that tome you have been meaning to crack open or reading the latest and greatest from your favorite authors all while training for the New York Marathon, kicking butt at work, and making your Pinterest boards come to life.

Our rec: A Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger

5 reasons to read
1. Who doesn’t want to read about the sex-capades of the middle ages?
2. Chaucer is a main character so you can picture Paul Bettany as you’re reading (A Knight’s Tale anyone?)
3. A prophetic book that could take down the English monarchy will keep you guessing.
4. You can brush up on your Middle English.
5. Bruce is a historian, he knows his stuff.

The Long View: A book has surfaced in the Spring of 1385 with 13 poetic prophesies describing the deaths of the last 12 monarchs of England as well as the death of the 13th king of England, the very much alive King Richard II.  Geoffrey Chaucer enlists his friend and fellow poet, John Gower, to find the book before a rift between the king and his uncle is deepened by the dark events foretold in the book.  Gower deals in information and must use his connections to find the book that all of London, and even Florence and France, is interested in.  Gower’s mission intersects with maudlyns, serjeants-at-law, butchers, and courtly mistresses.  The situation becomes dire as the day approaches when the king is said to die. Gower must navigate the dark and seedy streets to find the book and the author of such seditious writings.  During the process he reconnects with his son only to find out that he may be involved. The London of the middle ages that Bruce Holsinger encapsulates is one that most of us haven’t read about.  He shows the great web of societal connections–how the brothels, mauds, and butchers connect with the courts, priories, and monarchies.  At 464 pages, this historical thriller will keep you guessing from start to finish. And word on the street is a sequel is coming in 2015!

The deets: 
William Morrow
464 pages
February 2014
Order A Burnable Book: A Novel


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